Facebook-LogoFacebook can be a great platform to promote your pizzeria and establish a loyal customer base. One of the most popular ways to engage fans and generate more page likes is to hold a Facebook contest. Not all Facebook contests are created equal, and some are well-suited to restaurant and pizzeria marketing. The key to a successful Facebook contest is to make entry easy, to make it fun to promote social sharing and likes, and to make the incentive (reward) worthwhile. Here are five fun Facebook contests that can help boost sales for your pizzeria.

1.  Scavenger/Treasure Hunt

This is a fun contest we’re running on our own Facebook page for Detroit Style Pizza Co. Take gift cards (ours are worth $50) to well-known public places, and hide them. Snap a photo of each gift card before it is hidden and include the area’s background in your photo.  Now, post the photo on Facebook as a clue to each gift card’s location.  The first person to find it can call your number to have it the gift card activated.  The thrill of the hunt and a valuable reward will generate discussion about your pizzeria, and you’ll get double exposure when you post photos of the winners.

2.  Photo/Video Contest

A lot of companies run photo and video contests on Facebook, so your job is to make yours unique, interesting, and fun. You might, for example, ask customers to submit their best photos of enjoying your pizza. Or, if your promotions are tied to sports, you could ask for videos of the best victory dance. Let other Facebook fans vote by liking the entries, then give the winner or winners a reward: a free menu item, gift card, or other relevant prize.

3.  Name That Score

We ran this promotion when the Detroit Tigers went to the World Series. After each home run, the first person to post the game score on our Facebook page got a free pizza. Not only did this contest get a lot of fan attention, it demonstrated that we’re a part of our community and lent a sense of solidarity with our customers: Go Tigers!

4.  Nominate A Winner

Many contests ask Facebook fans to submit entries to try to win prizes for themselves. In this contest, you ask your fans to nominate someone else for a free pizza or gift card.  To enter, they simply write a post about why their nominee should win and then tag the nominee.  The winning nomination gets the prize (and you can also award the nominating fan, too).  I love this concept because you don’t just engage current fans; you engage the nominees (who are nominated by their trusted friends) as well as friends of the nominees, when the tag shows up on Facebook walls.

5.  Creative Topping Contest

This is a perfect Facebook contest for pizzerias: challenge your fans to come up with creative pizza toppings, then have them vote on which submission should be selected. Next, it’s your job to make a pizza using the creative toppings. Update your fans on the process, and invite the winner in for a taste test.  Post photos and videos on Facebook. If the new pizza is good enough, offer it for a limited time to Facebook fans only (they can use a specific code when ordering to get it).  In this manner, you engage your entire community in a fun contest and also lend them exclusive insider status.