The Motor City Secret is out of the bag and into square pans worldwide – and things are just heating up

After I was crowned World Champion Pizza Maker in 2012, we set out to put Detroit Style Pizza on the map. Our mission was to pit our unique style against well-known styles like New York and Chicago in the debate over the world’s best pizza. The problem? Outside of the Motor City, few had ever heard of Detroit Style Pizza – and even fewer had ever tried a slice.

Just five years later, all that has changed. Today, dozens of pizzerias and restaurants serve Authentic Detroit Style Pizza across the globe: in over 25 U.S. states and 4 countries spanning from Canada to Thailand to Korea. And we’re just getting started.

The “Year of the Square Pizza”

Grub Street has declared 2017 the “Year of the Square Pizza,” citing a statement from Zagat about how Detroit Style Pizza earned national praise with the opening of Emmy Squared in – of all places – New York.

It’s amazing that the hottest pizza in the Big Apple isn’t its own New York style, but Detroit Style Pizza. The demand is so great, Emmy Squared is opening a second location in Manhattan this year. The pizza revolution has arrived!

Just across our northern border, Descendant Pizza was named one of Toronto’s best new restaurants by Thrillist. Owned and operated by Christopher Getchell – a graduate of our own Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker Training Program – Thrillist says Descendant Pizza “unquestionably deserves its title as one of the best spots for pizza in the city.”

Speaking of our Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker Training Program, graduate John Kim is revolutionizing Korean cuisine with Motor City Pizza in Seoul. Notes Groove Magazine, “Detroit pizza seemed a natural way for the Manimal team to try to stay ahead of Seoul’s notoriously trend-driven foodies.”

And there’s more… named Detroit one of the top cities for pizza lovers

… Detroit Style Pizza has earned celebrity status with the opening of Parma Pizzeria by Mick Mahan, who also happens to be Pat Benatar’s bass player

… and Detroit Style Pizza has impressed the best in notorious foodie hub Portland, earning a feature in Williamette Week

And to think: you couldn’t find Detroit Style Pizza outside of Detroit just five years ago!

An opportunity for restaurateurs and entrepreneurs

Detroit Style Pizza’s rapid expansion is no fad, and it’s not happening by accident: savvy entrepreneurs across the globe are investing their livelihoods in serving the style – so many, in fact, that we’ve had to open a global distribution center to keep up with demand for our Detroit Style Pizza pans, dough mix, and supplies.

As more people fall in love with Detroit Style Pizza’s trademark thick, square crust that’s crispy on the outside yet light and airy on the inside, caramelized cheese, and savory red sauce (ladled on top!), the opportunity to cash in on the hottest pizza of the decade grows.

Fortunately for those unfamiliar with Detroit Style Pizza, plenty of support is available to help you build, operate, and grow a successful business centered around the style – or simply add it to your current menu. From our own Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker Training Program to online resources like our blog series on how to start a successful pizzeria, to a growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs who find value in helping each other promote Detroit Style Pizza, the time is right for introducing Detroit Style Pizza to your customers.

There’s no doubt Detroit Style Pizza has earned its place alongside New York and Chicago; and soon, pizzerias in every corner of the world will be featuring the former Motor City Secret.

The only question is: will you be the one serving it?