Authentic Detroit Style PizzaDetroit Style Pizza Wins Great Pizza War of 2016

In June 2016, the New York Post decided to rail against Detroit Style Pizza in favor of its native New York Style. The Post called our style of pizza the “new hipster horror” and pointed out that it’s not “topped with bullets.” Such disparaging remarks didn’t go unnoticed, as the pizza world and Detroit media quickly came to the defense of Detroit Style Pizza in what Mike Thompson dubbed “The Great Pizza War of 2016.”

Both traditional and social media quickly erupted with criticism for the Post editorial. We’re truly passionate about Detroit Style Pizza, so we were thrilled to see so many people set the record straight for our style of pizza and our great city. As such, we’re listing all the related articles and social media posts we could find below. I think we won the war!

New York Post Article: Detroit-style pizza is the new hipster horror

  • Called Detroit Style Pizza the “new hipster horror”
  • Said it’s not “topped with bullets”
  • Hoped the dough isn’t made with “Flint River Water”
  • Claimed New York’s flat style pizza is superior

Detroit Free Press: Pizza Smackdown: Detroit VS New York City by Mike Thompson

Notable quotes:

  • About New York Style Pizza: “There weren’t puddles of grease on the pepperoni; there were lakes of the stuff. And the crust’s OK…if burnt tofu’s your thing.”
  • “New York-style pizza superior to Detroit-style? Find me another restroom.”

Detroit Eater: New York Post Calls Detroit-Style Pizza a ‘Hipster Horror’ and More Intel by Brenna Houck

Notable quote:

  • “The rant attempts to be pointedly humorous with cheap shots. The square pizza ‘isn’t topped with bullets’ or ‘made with Flint River water,’ they write. Way to stay classy.”

Daily Detroit: Dear New York Post: It Is You Who Are The Purveyors Of Paltry Pizza

Notable quote:

  • “Detroit pizza is strong. Yours flips, flops and folds, like your oompa-loompa colored, bloviating native son in the presidential race.”

WXYZ Detroit: New York Post article takes shot at Detroit-style pizza calling it the new “hipster horror”

  • Includes a collection of social media posts