oven.jpgHow Detroit Style Pizza Differs from New York Style and Chicago Style

“Detroit Style Pizza is incredibly unique, it’s not like any other style of pizza in the world. My mission is to make sure everyone in America gets a taste of Detroit Style Pizza,” said World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo. “Our recipe and preparation, from our dough and signature red sauce to the fact that we bake our pizzas in well seasoned square steel pans, give Detroit Style Pizza a distinctive flavor and texture that are very different from New York and Chicago styles. Detroit Style Pizza Co. is a slice of Americana most of the country is missing out on, and it’s time to change that. We’re grateful for the media recognition, which will help introduce America to the pizza that was named World’s Best at the International Pizza Expo.”

How Detroit Style Pizza Is Different From New York Style and Chicago Style

New York Style Pizza is famous for its thin crust, which is hand-tossed and stretched, spread with tomato sauce, and topped with cheese and other toppings. Normally baked in a deck oven, the resulting crust is typically soft and foldable rather than crispy.

Chicago Style Pizza is a deep dish pizza. Its thick dough is pressed into a round pan as a pie, so that the crust sticks up around the edges. Sauce, cheese, and toppings are then placed into the bowl-like crust. It’s a thick, hearty pizza.

Detroit Style Pizza is made from a deep dish crust pressed into well-seasoned square steel pans and baked in deck ovens. A layer of pepperoni is applied directly on the dough, brick and mozzarella cheeses are spread edge-to-edge, and additional toppings are sprinkled on top. The cheese caramelizes to the crust edges during baking, and red sauce is ladled on before or after baking. Detroit Style Pizza features a crust that is light and airy on the inside, crispy on the outside.

Pizza Traditions

  • It is believed that New York Style Pizza crust gets its distinctive flavor from the minerals in New York City water, and many pizzerias outside of New York have the water shipped to their locations for authenticity.
  • While many pizza lovers enjoy pizza hands-on, Chicago Style Pizza is traditionally eaten with a fork and knife.
  • True to its city’s automotive background, Detroit Style Pizza is baked in square steel parts tray pans. It’s often referred to as “red top” and “upside down pizza” due to the fact that the sauce is ladled on last, after baking.

“Part of the fun of being a pizza chef is innovating on top of tradition,” said Randazzo. “Detroit Style Pizza has been around since 1946, but I won Pizza Maker of the Year with a recipe I developed in 2012. One of the most rewarding aspects of the business is being able to craft a fresh new flavor experience within the constraints of authenticity.”