Seasoned PanAuthentic Detroit Style Pizza pans are a slice of Motor City history. Once used as parts trays by Detroit’s auto manufacturers, the square-shaped pans are made from steel. Each pan is specially-prepared to bake Detroit Style Pizza with a three-hour seasoning process that involves several cycles of coating and baking. These qualities make for the perfect Detroit Style Pizza: proper heat conduction for an evenly-baked deep dish crust that’s crispy outside yet light and airy inside, cheese that caramelizes on the edges when baked and the retention of more pizza flavor with each bake.

“Pizza chefs have tremendous pride for their recipes, ingredients and baking processes. Authenticity is paramount for pizzerias that bake Detroit Style Pizza, which is why using the authentic and original Detroit Style Pizza pan is critical to the perfect bake,” said World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo.

Detroit Style Pizza has catapulted in popularity in recent years, and Randazzo is using his World Champion Pizza Maker status as a springboard to spread the pizza revolution. Customer demand for Detroit Style Pizza is high, and pizzerias across the country have taken notice. Many, such as VIA 313 in Austin, Texas and Brown Dog Pizza in Telluride, Colorado buy their pans directly from Detroit Style Pizza Co.

“These pans are legendary and revered in the Detroit Style Pizza scene. All the most reputable Detroit Style Pizza establishments use them. We prefer seasoned steel pans over chemically-treated aluminum both for health reasons and pan longevity,” said Zane Hunt, owner at VIA 313.

“When it comes to Detroit Style Pizza my number one goal is authenticity, and these pans serve as the foundation to achieve that goal,” said Jeff Smokevitch, owner at Brown Dog Pizza.