imageThe wait is finally over… I’m thrilled to announce the new and improved Detroit Style Pizza Pan is here, and I’m confident saying if you want to bake truly Authentic Detroit Style Pizza, this is THE pan you need.

What makes this pan THE ultimate Detroit Style Pizza Pan?

The world’s top pizza chefs know the pan is the secret to Authentic Detroit Style Pizza, but it’s the secret of the pan itself that’s so challenging to get right. That’s why, after painstaking research and dozens of trials, we collaborated with world-renowned LloydPans to offer the perfect pan for baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza.

LloydPans was outstanding during the entire process, accommodating our every request to achieve the perfect Detroit Style Pizza bake: crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, edge-to-edge cheese that caramelizes around the crust, and of course the signature square shape. This pan represents a vast improvement from the original, featuring:

  • Design matching the same measurements as the original blue steel pans
  • Welded aluminum construction that will not rust, pit, or flake; the pan is rugged, durable and will last many years
  • Anodized coating that makes the pan safe to use with metal utensils – no scratching or chipping
  • Easy-release Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote (PSTK) coating that produces the same caramelized cheese bake
  • No need to season, saving time and money; plus no need for heavy ventilation during the seasoning process
  • Reliable supply through Detroit Style Pizza Co., so you’ll never have to worry about running out of pans

This is a premium pan created to bake a premium pizza, and as such it costs a little more than the old pans. For the budget-minded, we also offer a stamped version as an alternative Detroit Style pizza pan.

What was wrong with the old pans, anyway?

To better understand how significant this breakthrough is, you have to know the history of the Detroit Style Pizza Pan. The original Detroit Style Pizza pans were parts trays used by Detroit’s automotive manufacturers. They’re what Gus Guerra used when he introduced the style to offer an alternative to the fish ‘n chips everyone else was selling to returning World War II veterans, who longed for the European tastes they enjoyed overseas.

Later, the pans were manufactured as automotive oil drip pans as well as for pizza-baking by West Virginia-based Dover Parkersburg. In 2010, the company moved production to Mexico and changed the pan construction from blue steel to cold rolled steel, making them difficult to season and highly susceptible to rust and pitting (we still have a couple hundred old pans that are unusable because they arrived from Mexico already rusted). Production also lagged, resulting in a pan supply shortage.

This year the company ceased production of the pans entirely, creating yet another a supply shortage for Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Makers. That’s when we decided to get it right once and for all by partnering with a talented manufacturer who understood our passion, the importance of the pan, and could churn out a reliable supply of premium Detroit Style Pizza Pans.

We tried many different vendors and consulted with some of the world’s top Detroit Style Pizza chefs, including Austin, TX-based Via 313 and World Champion Pizza Makers Jeff Smokevitch and Tony Gemignani, to determine what pan yields the perfect Detroit Style Pizza bake. After testing several pans from different manufacturers our search led us to LloydPans, who were already making a great Detroit Style Pizza pan and worked with us to evolve their pan with a thicker-gauge metal (on the PSTK-coated stamped pans). The result is a pan that yields an outstanding Detroit Style Pizza bake.

Always on the lookout for ways to improve the pan, LloydPans is currently developing a stamped version with a trimmed lip that makes it perfect for pan grippers; plus, we’re soon going to be testing a steel pan prototype.

Why not just go back to blue steel?

Of course, we considered simply going back to the original blue steel; but I had to ask: if the goal is to create the perfect Detroit Style Pizza Pan, isn’t it best to start from the beginning? With all due respect to Gus Guerra, the original pizzas were made with a pan that was handy, not necessarily comprised of the best materials. He simply didn’t have access to the materials and processes we have today.

All that said, I have no doubt: the new Detroit Style Pizza Pan produces an equivalent bake to the original blue steel pans with additional benefits like easy-release coating and durability while eliminating the need to re-season pans year after year.

Detroit Style Pizza continues to grow in popularity, evidenced by the sheer volume of companies that wanted to help us develop the new pans. More and more pizzerias are serving Detroit Style Pizza, and with that comes supreme demand for a reliable supplier and superior product. The pan is what makes Authentic Detroit Style Pizza, which is why I believe this is the best pan for baking Authentic Detroit Style Pizza.

If you want to serve Authentic Detroit Style Pizza, you don’t have to go through the trial and error of testing dozens of pans from different suppliers – we’ve already done the work for you: this is THE pan chosen by the world’s top Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Makers.

The pans are available on our online shop.