000352Do you host tours at your pizzeria? If not, you’re missing an excellent opportunity to connect with your community, establish long-term customer loyalty, grow your business and boost profits. A good pizzeria tour is entertaining and educational for kids and adults alike, and is a powerful path to sustainable growth. Here are some tips for hosting successful pizzeria tours.

1. Make it entertaining

First and foremost, your pizzeria tour should entertain. It should be hosted by someone with a fun, outgoing personality. Train staff members to make the experience memorable. Fun facts, humorous quips, and hands-on activities are great ways to keep your guests entertained.

2. Make it educational

Your tour-takers should learn something when they visit your pizzeria: how you’re unique, your pizza-making process, your historical ties to the community, etc. At Detroit Style Pizza Co., we draw on history and tradition to tell the story of our pizzeria – how the style is ingrained in the Motor City, why we still use square steel pans once used as parts trays by the automotive industry, and how our pizza differs from other styles.

3. Make it hands-on

As part of our tour, participants get to make their own Authentic Detroit Style Pizzas – then they get to enjoy them during our end-of-tour pizza party. Kids and adults love making their own unique pizzas just how they like them, and they learn about baking our unique style of pizza in the process.

4. Hand out coupons

Give discount coupons to your tour-takers so they have an incentive to order from you and share their tour experience with family and friends. This is a great way to drum up repeat business and establish customer loyalty.

5. Market your tours

Make sure your promotional flyers, website, email newsletters, and other marketing materials actively promote your tours. Reach out to organizations to see if they would be interested in taking your tour: schools, scouts, church groups, civic groups, Chambers of Commerce, and others.

Pizzeria tours give you the opportunity to meet customers face-to-face, tell your story, establish customer relationships, and generate long-term customer loyalty. All of this leads to priceless word-of-mouth marketing and business growth. Incorporate these tips into your pizzeria tours for sustainable success.