Jolt video - Google Chrome-000177I’ve written a lot about how to operate a successful pizzeria – in fact, it’s a core component of our Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker Training Program – but I haven’t written much about the technology we use to streamline operations for efficiency and profitability. One of the most important ways to maintain efficiency is to keep employees on task. As a pizzeria operator, that responsibility lies with you: you have to make sure processes are clearly explained, that employees have accessible reference material when they have questions, and that tasks are clearly defined. Those three things alone can take up a lot of time, which is why we use Jolt to keep our employees on task.

Jolt is task management software that we deploy on iPads placed within our operations. It’s a vast improvement over the paper checklists we used to print (and have to reprint every single time a revision was made). Here are my favorite Jolt features:

  • we can create task checklists from a central computer and update them dynamically so they’re automatically revised on each iPad – and at all our stores
  • employees can reference instructions directly from the iPads, which helps answer questions fast and maintains efficiency
  • employees mark each item as being complete, and the system automatically logs the employee, date, and time; this makes it easy to troubleshoot issues if they arise – for example, if someone puts too much salt in the sauce, we know who it was and when they did it so we can help them prevent repeating the error
  • employees can check in with individual QR codes, verifying they were at the station or location to complete checklists – such as cleaning the bathrooms, for example
  • on-device training can include text, video, audio, and images to make it easy for employees to quickly learn
  • the system includes flexible trackers for just about anything you want. We use ours to track cooler temperatures, lunch sales and many more things. The chart actual figures against our goals in easy-to-read graphs, for example

Is Jolt worth the investment? For us, absolutely. It makes us more efficient and helps us consistently produce a better product and service. Greater efficiency and better quality lead to increased profits.

Next to our POS and online ordering systems, Jolt is the most important software we’ve incorporated into our pizzeria. We use it for central operations, training, employee performance evaluation, recipes, references, and more – all accessible from small, portable devices that can be deployed anywhere. It helps us build an efficient system that can instantly evolve into an even more efficient system with a few clicks.

If you don’t have a good task management system, I highly recommend giving Jolt a try. You can demo the software free here.

With Jolt, we went from this:


To this: