detroit-style-pizza-nicknamesDetroit Style Pizza Co. was recently featured on In Johnna’s Kitchen, a blog about the creator’s experiences dining out and more. Specifically, Johnna wrote about the gluten-free pizza, cheesy breadsticks, and cinnamon breadsticks she ordered during her visit to Detroit Style Pizza Co. I’m proud to say she seemed impressed with our gluten-free menu options, stating “This was the thickest crust I have ever had gluten-free, and it was terrific…” and “… here I am, days later, wishing I had that second pizza.” We’re thrilled Johnna visited one of our restaurants and wrote such an amazing review, which brings us to the point of this post: you need to offer gluten-free options at your pizzeria.

Offering gluten-free menu options at your pizzeria gives you a competitive advantage, especially if you can craft gluten-free recipes that are as delicious as your gluten-containing recipes. Even more important, gluten-free menu items allow you to better serve an ever-growing customer base that avoids gluten in its diet.

Consider the following:

  • cases of gluten sensitivity, gluten allergies, and Celiac disease are on the rise; now more than ever, it’s important to give your customers great-tasting pizza and other recipes that cater to gluten-free diets
  • not everyone avoids gluten out of dietary necessity; in fact, many athletes and others into fitness are eating healthier by cutting gluten from their diets altogether
  • when a family or group of friends goes out to eat or orders takeout/delivery, if one person has a food allergy he or she more than likely determines where they’re going to eat and everyone else will follow; and they won’t patronize restaurants without gluten-free options or that have poor-tasting gluten-free options

Offering gluten-free pizza and other menu items helps you cater to your entire customer base, and that’s just good business. In fact, sales of gluten-free menu options at Detroit Style Pizza Co. have rapidly increased since their introductions – more than any other menu item we’ve added.

One of the things Johnna was impressed with was our gluten-free prep process, which calls for prepping food in a completely separate area of our kitchen and the use dedicated gluten-free utensils and pans to eliminate the possibility of gluten contamination – a critical part of preparing truly gluten-free menu items. She also commented on her server’s knowledge of the gluten-free prep process, which helped assure her that her meal was, indeed, gluten-free. In addition to preventing gluten contamination, it’s important to educate your staff about your gluten-free recipes and processes so they can set customers at ease when ordering from your gluten-free menu.

If you want your business to excel, you need to offer delicious gluten-free menu options that are properly prepared by well-trained staff members. By doing so you’ll be able to serve more customers, share in the happiness customers express when they finally discover great-tasting gluten-free pizza, and be rewarded by increased sales.