Bare & Seasoned Steel Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Pans (8x10 and 10x14)

Remember the old blue steel Detroit Style Pizza pans?

Since production ceased in 2010, Detroit Style Pizza makers have struggled to capture the performance of the original blue steel pans – until now! Detroit Style Pizza Co. is proud to bring back steel pans to our Authentic Detroit Style Pizza pan lineup; and though they’re not blue, they are every bit as good as the pans Gus Guerra re-purposed from the Motor City’s automotive parts trays back in 1946.

Our Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Steel Pans won’t pit, rust, or chip like the previous cold-rolled pans produced in Mexico were. After baking, pizzas come right out of the pans with very little sticking and none of the crazy peeling issues we faced with the other cold-rolled versions. We’ve even brought back our original seasoning process to enhance pan performance and flavor!

The bare steel for our new Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Steel Pans is dipped in mineral oil to prevent pitting and rusting before they are seasoned. This oil must be cleaned off before seasoning these pans. Once oil is all off you will want to season them right away because once the mineral oil is washed off they can rust if come into contact with water before seasoning.

These pans are available both seasoned and unseasoned. Pan information and maintenance instructions are included.

You can purchase the pans here: