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Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Training & Consulting

Becoming an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker proves you know how to make the real deal, the “Motor City Secret,” Detroit Style Pizza. Our training and consulting services are perfect for operators with an existing pizzeria, or multiple locations, who want to add Detroit Style Pizza to their menu, and start-up pizzerias who want to feature Detroit Style Pizza in their restaurants.

Detroit Style Pizza is steeped in rich tradition, and as such only specific preparation practices qualify pizza as authentic Detroit Style. To become an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker, you must successfully complete our extensive training course, which will teach you how to make and implement Detroit Style Pizza in a commercial setting.

Benefits of Becoming an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker

  • Acquire the skills to create, manage and serve an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza in a commercial setting
  • Recognition as an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker
  • License to use the official Detroit Style Pizza Seal of Authenticity in marketing and advertising collateral
  • Framed acknowledgment of your successful completion of the Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker Training Program
  • Pride in knowing you belong to a group of like-minded people who support one another in an effort to make Detroit Style Pizza the #1 style of pizza in the world
  • Receive a flash drive full of useful tools, info and systems you can implement in your operations

If you have questions or would like to schedule training: CONTACT US

The DSP Consulting & Training Program

If your pizzeria does not currently serve authentic Detroit Style Pizza, or you simply want to hone up on your pizza maker prowess, you can enlist in the Detroit Style Pizza Consulting & Training Program. The program covers all aspects of preparing, serving, and marketing authentic Detroit Style Pizza. At the conclusion of training, trainees receive a license to use recipes, systems, supporting documentation and the seal of authenticity. The Detroit Style Pizza Consulting/Training Program helps put you on track for success. The program is perfect for:

  • Start-up pizzerias who want to serve authentic Detroit Style Pizza
  • Operators who want to add Detroit Style Pizza to their menu
  • Restaurants switching over to Detroit Style Pizzeria
  • Pizzerias who currently serve Detroit Style Pizza that want to improve their pizza-making skills and take advantage of the other benefits of the program

The following are requirements for an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza. Your pizzeria must follow these established practices in order to serve authentic Detroit Style Pizza.

Detroit Style Pans: Authentic Detroit Style Pizza must be baked in rectangle pans made specifically for baking authentic Detroit Style Pizza, like the ones offered on this site.

Optimal Dough Hydration Levels: In order to ensure proper texture after baking, dough recipes must have hydration levels of 70% or higher.

Proper Dough Proofing: Best practices must be followed to maintain dough quality throughout the proofing process.

Pepperoni Under Cheese: Authentic Detroit Style Pizza features a layer of pepperoni under the cheese. You may have specialty pizzas that call for pepperoni on top.

Edge-to-Edge Cheese: Cheese must be spread edge-to-edge so it caramelizes on the crust when baking.

Sauce On Top: Red sauce must be ladled on top of authentic Detroit Style Pizza.

Deck Oven Baking: Authentic Detroit Style Pizza must be baked in a deck oven. Conveyor ovens with new technology are still being tested. 

How the Consulting/Training Program Works

The Detroit Style Pizza Consulting/Training Program is a comprehensive education in making Authentic Detroit Style Pizza. During the course of the program, you will:

  • Learn to create a Authentic Detroit Style Pizza recipe you can call your own
  • Learn proper dough making, techniques, proofing and management
  • Learn how to construct an authentic Detroit Style Pizza
  • Proper baking along with several baking tips and trouble shooting issues
  • Ingredient selection
  • Necessary equipment
  • Operational flow and stations
  • Earn your Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker designation

The program unfolds over three phases: Consultation, Training, and Support.


You will consult with World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo to determine your goals. Together, you will identify your strengths and areas of improvement. Shawn will then develop a customized training program designed to help position your pizzeria for success by serving authentic Detroit Style Pizza.


The actual training will take place on-site at your restaurant or at a Detroit Style Pizza Co. location. Shawn will personally meet with you over a 1-5 day period, depending on scope of work, to train you in the art of making Detroit Style Pizza, help you implement best preparation practices, help you train your staff, and answer any questions you have.

The following key points will be extensively covered during training:

  1. Dough Recipe:  We will work with you to formulate or adjust your dough recipe to meet authentic Detroit Style Pizza requirements.
  2. Dough Making Technique:  You will learn the techniques and processes necessary for this style of dough. You will receive systems and tools to implement in your operation after training.
  3. Dough Preparation and Proofing:  You will learn how to properly proof the dough (one of the biggest challenges for pizza makers) and best practices for using Detroit Style Pizza pans and lids to achieve the proper Detroit Style Pizza rise and texture.
  4. Making The Pizza:  Learn how to construct your pizza, Detroit Style.
  5. Pizza Baking: You’ll learn optimal oven settings, baking tips, and how to troubleshoot baking issues.
  6. Dough Management:  Learn best practices for storing, rotating, and managing dough for consistency and freshness. Protocols and tools will be provided to you throughout the training process.
  7. Hands-On Experience:  If your pizzeria is open, we’ll work alongside you to ensure your transition to serving Detroit Style Pizza is smooth.  If you’re not yet open, we’ll role play the day from start to finish to ensure you fully understand how to apply the best techniques and systems. Alternatively, you can get live experience at a Detroit Style Pizza Co. location.  This experience is invaluable, as you’ll get a live action overview of how the operation runs and how each station works. This is where potential issues are identified and quickly solved.
  8. Customized Training:  Every business has different strengths, so we will customize your training to help you identify areas of improvement.


Even though we cover a lot during your training, you may still have questions after your launch.  Your training program includes one hour of phone support per week for three weeks after completion of training.

If you have questions or would like to schedule training: CONTACT US

Consulting & Training Fees: 
Once we discuss your vision and your goals you will receive a proposal.

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If you have questions or would like to schedule training: CONTACT US