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World's Best Pizza

The Motor City Secret is out! America has finally discovered what Detroit has known and loved for decades: Detroit Style Pizza.

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Let World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo show you the finer points of crafting a truly authentic Detroit Style Pizza.

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Become an Authentic Detroit Style Pizza Maker and kick start your pizzeria business with the industry's fastest-growing pizza style.

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Do you know who serves Authentic Detroit Style Pizza in your area? Coast-to-coast, more pizzerias are serving authentic Detroit Style Pizza - find one now!

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Pans, Utensils, Dough Mix and more...

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An American Tradition

Detroit Style Pizza was born in 1946, an era when hungry troops brought back European styles from World War II. Today, Detroit Style Pizza is an American tradition that brings friends and families together.

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Have an authentic award winning pizza crafted by World Champion pizza maker Shawn Randazzo from Detroit Style Pizza Co. delivered anywhere in the 48 Continental United States. Enjoy Detroit Style Pizza anywhere with our mail order service!

“America loves pizza, but nine out of ten people outside of Detroit have never heard of Detroit-style pizza. It's the Motor City Secret. Our mission is to change that, because when people try our Detroit-style pizza recipe, they fall in love with it. New York-style and Chicago-style are excellent, but Detroit-style pizza is the unsung hero of landmark pizzas. It isn't just another pizza; it represents American history and ingenuity as well as the passions of so many who value fresh, quality ingredients with a rich, unique flavor experience.”
- World Champion Pizza Maker Shawn Randazzo -2012